Terms & Conditions for Therapies, Workshops & Stress Management Advice

Terms & Conditions to cover all services offered at Kimochigai.

Therapies include Aromatherapy Massage, Swedish Massage, Advanced Massage – Acupressure & Neuro-muscluar techniques, Reflexology & Reiki

Professional Disclaimer

Kimochigai DO NOT claim to diagnose or to cure any medical condition. The information provided on the website or in person, express or implied, is for the purposes of information only and is NOT given as professional medical advice, a means of diagnosis or treatment, nor is it intended to be a substitute thereof.

If you have a health problem, medical emergency, or a general health question, Kimochigai will always recommend you should consult your doctor.

The services and/or products provided by Kimochigai are not intended to cure or diagnose any medical conditions.

It is against the advice of Kimochigai to discontinue any medical treatment or advice currently being administered by qualified Medical Practitioners.


The following words shall have the following meanings

‘us’, ‘we’, or ‘our’ – Kimochigai

‘Therapy session’ – Holistic Therapies which includes Aromatherapy Massage, Swedish Massage, Adavance Massage techniques including acupressure points and neuro-muscular techniques, Reflexology and Reiki.  The term ‘Therapy session’ also extends to Relaxation Workshops and Stress Management Advice

‘Client’ or ‘Clients’ – The individual who is receiving a therapy session

‘Therapist’ – The individual therapist who performs the therapy session

‘contra-indicated’ – To indicate the inadvisability of (a therapy session, for example)

1)  General

  • The Therapy session consultation & and after-care advice is included within the allocated 45 minute, 75 minute and 105 minute appointment time
  • Clients are requested to arrive on time with a 10 minute grace period
  • Therapy sessions are normally conducted in silence, however, Kimochigai do not mind at all if you would like to speak during your therapy session and will be happy to chat with you should you start a conversation
  • Kimochigai is a holistic well being business, which means we look the client as a whole, your therapist will ask you about your lifestyle to help you understand your body and to help you deeply relax throughout the process
  • Please switch off mobile phones or place mobile phones on silent for the duration of your therapy session
  • If you are pregnant, please let us know.  Especially if your therapy session will include the use of essential oils.  Some essential oils are contra-indicated during pregnancy.

2)  Booking

  • All Therapy session fees must be paid in advance, including block bookings and course
  • Appointments, support and payments for treatments can be paid/booked on-line or by cash
  • No one under the age of 16 is allowed to visit Kimochigai unless written prior consent given by the Parent or Guardian of the individual
  • You may transfer your treatment to someone else
  • We are not liable for any costs incurred to attend a therapy session at Kimochigai or any of our chosen venues.

3)  Cancellation

  • We require 48 hours notice for appointment changes and cancellations. A fee of £10 is charged for changes within the notice period.
  • If you do not show up for the appointment, we cannot refund or replace it
  • We will refuse admission if you are more the 30 minutes late without warning.

4)  Promotion & Social Media

Clients photos may be used for social media updates and publicity.

Terms & Conditions for Makeup Artistry

1)  Booking

  • A booking fee of £40.00 is required to secure your wedding date and is redeemable against your final balance.
  • On receipt of payment of a deposit, a confirmation email will be sent confirming the booking and the requested date will no longer be available to enquiry.
  • Bridal trials are £35.00 per person and payable on the day of the appointment.
  • Following a successful trial, the final balance of your wedding makeup is due for payment no later than seven days of your chosen date. Payment is accepted either via bank transfer or PayPal
  • Booking fees are non-refundable
  • Three person minimum for all bookings out-with 5 miles of G20 for March – Oct bookings.
  • Special occasion makeup bookings, a redeemable booking fee of £15.00 per person is required to secure an appointment.  Appointment will be confirmed on receipt of booking fee being paid.
  • In the highly unlikely scenario of your specified Makeup Artist being unable to attend your Event, as much advance notice possible will be given to the client and every effort will be taken to find a replacement artist.  If no replacement can be found, all monies paid in advance by client to the Makeup Artist will be refunded with exception of payment for bridal trials.

2)  Travel Costs

Should the venue be more than 5 miles radius from G20, an additional charge of 45p per mile will be incurred and will be advised within written quotation. (Google maps will be confirmation of distance).  City Centre locations may incur parking charges and will be advised in written quotation.

Please note that all prices are subject to travel, location and any special requirements. To get an accurate quote for your event, please use the contact page or give Donna Monaghan a call on 07850 461 244

3) Cancellation

Cancellation within 30 days of the date of your event are chargeable in full

4)  Promotion & Social Media

Clients photos may be used for social media updates and publicity.

By financially securing your deposit you accept these Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Onsite Massage

1)  Definitions

The following words shall have the following meanings

‘Agreed Hours’ – Massage therapist/s will be available for the hours as agreed between the Client and Kimochigai

‘Client’ – The client who has requested the on site massage Treatment of Kimochigai

‘KIMOCHIGAI’ – Kimochigai

‘Individual’ – The individual guest/employee of the Client attending the massage session who has requested a Treatment

‘Treatment’ – The Treatment requested by the Client and confirmed by KIMOCHIGAI and performed as described on our website

‘Massage Therapist’ – The individual therapist who attends the Premises for the purpose of performing the Treatment

‘Premises’ – The location address as confirmed to KIMOCHIGAI by the Client

‘The Services’ – The services set out in Clause 2 of this agreement

2)  The Services

KIMOCHIGAI shall provide qualified and insured Massage Therapists to the Client at the Premises for the Agreed Hours. All therapists are covered for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance with the limit of liability up to £1 million. Copies of the therapist’s certificates will be sent to the Client on request.

KIMOCHIGAI shall instruct the Therapist to provide Treatments as requested by the Client and attend to the requirements of each Individual who requires a Treatment exercising proper professional skill and diligence in the rendering of the Treatment

The Massage Therapist reserves the right not to provide a Treatment for any Individual they deem unfit to receive such Treatment

3)  The Client’s Obligations

The Client must provide a suitable contact person for KIMOCHIGAI to liaise with

All Individuals receiving a Treatment must sign a consultation form prior to their first treatment and to inform the Massage Therapist prior to any subsequent treatment of any changes to the information given on the medical consent form.

The Client is responsible for delivering the Treatment schedule to the Massage Therapist before the start of the Agreed hours if applicable. KIMOCHIGAI will supply template schedules on request.

  • The Client will explain to each Individual the nature and extent of the Treatment.
  • Payment by the Client for half day and full day bookings to be made through this website
  • The fee for the Services is £150 for a half day booking (max 4 hours) and £275 for a full day booking (max 8 hours) for treatments at Premises situated within Fife.
  • An additional fee towards travelling costs will be applied at 45 pence per mile for Treatments at Premises outside of Glasgow or as agreed between the Client and KIMOCHIGAI
  • There is no VAT applicable to these costs

Payments are made online at the time of booking. The Client will be directed via the website booking form to the PayPal facility and bookings are not confirmed until payment is made.

Payments may also be made by Credit Card or Debit Card on the website. Bookings are not confirmed until payment is made

4)  Cancellations and changes

  • Once a booking has been placed, cancellations will incur the following charges:
  • Cancellations made with ten days notice or more – 10%
  • Cancellations made with less than ten days notice but more than three days – 50%
  • Cancellations made with three days notice or less will be charged at the full rate
  • Changes to the Agreed Hours with no charge may be made by giving 10 days written notice.
  • Changes to the Agreed Hours with less than 10 days notice are at the discretion of KIMOCHIGAI.
  • KIMOCHIGAI reserves the right to cancel the provision of the Services without notice in case of the illness of a Massage Therapist or other circumstances beyond its control.
  • KIMOCHIGAI shall make reasonable attempts not to cancel the Services but the Client acknowledges that it may not be possible for an alternative Massage Therapist to attend the Premises. In this circumstance the client will be offered an alternative day or a full refund will be issue.

5)  Termination

This Agreement will terminate automatically if either party shall be in breach of any of its obligations under this Agreement or if either party shall have a receiver, administrative receiver, or administrator appointed, or shall enter compulsory or voluntary liquidation

This Agreement will terminate automatically if either party shall be in breach of any of its obligations under this Agreement or if either party shall have a receiver, administrative receiver, or administrator appointed, or shall enter compulsory or voluntary liquidation

6)  Liability & Insurance

The Client acknowledges that the Massage Therapist is an independent contractor and not an employee of KIMOCHIGAI and that any liability as to the provision of a Treatment is between an Individual and the Massage Therapist.

7)  Promotion & Social Media

Clients photos may be used for social media updates and publicity.