Master the art of makeup like a true artist.  Increasingly we are being asked at Kimochigai if we do makeup lessons and the answer is yes we do.

We have created Masterclasses for groups but can offer you this on a one to one basis too.  Applying makeup can be a confusing and daunting task.  Too much can ruin your appearance, too little can show to many imperfections.

“Too much” makeup, along with poor makeup selection, can be a very bad thing indeed.  Heavy application – or even a heavy-handed application of a  small amount of makeup – can make your skin appear lifeless and flaky.

In our culture we often look to celebrities and film stars in magazines and on TV who all have that perfect look. What’s a real-life gal to do? The answer is simple: do as the celebrities do – use the same tricks and techniques makeup artists carry in their kit.

Kimochigai offer makeup lessons by group or on a 1-2-1 basis.  We offer masterclasses where you can learn how to:

  • Perfect a smokey eye
  • Contour & Highlight
  • Eyebrows
  • Complete Skincare and Makeup Routine

Learning as part of a group is fun!  Great idea for girls/boys – gather your mates, have some fizz (optional), learn about makeup/makeup techniques and have a laugh – perfect Saturday afternoon.

When you take part in a masterclass or attend any Kimochi classes you are automatically included as part of the Kimochigai community, if you drop us your email address,  we can send you monthly offers that happen so that you will be the first to hear of them.

As a Thank You for taking part in a masterclass or Kimochi class you can receive 20% off your next treatment or class with Kimochigai and also if you recommend a friend.  Offer code is – kimochica20

We hope you learn more than you did before you arrived at one of our masterclasses and hope you now have the confidence to use your new found makeup skills.