Kimochi Classes

I have devised relaxation workshops or Kimochi classes as I call them, to encourage people to embrace the essence of ‘feeling good’.  Kimochi is from the Japanese word for ‘feeling good’ and that’s exactly what I would love for you to feel at the end of a class.

Classes are a fantastic opportunity to take 1 wee hour out of life per week in a safe and comfortable environment, totally focus on yourself and your own body without any outside distractions.

Attending Kimochi classes on a regular basis may help to:

  • Improve poor sleeping habits & aid a better night sleep
  • Alleviate tension headaches
  • Slow your heart & breathing rate
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Reduce activity of stress hormones in your body
  • Improve concentration and mood

Also, practicing with others may also help you stay motivated.

I absolutely love sharing simple and effective techniques with small groups keen on learning.  I promise that you’ll leave with knowledge you didn’t have before and in a more relaxed state.

Kimochi classes are where I teach various breathing and relaxation techniques including mindfulness, meditation, progressive muscular relaxation, guided visualisation.  There will be a chance to share some of your experiences (if you like) at the Kimochi classes and ask questions, you can expect a class to last 60 minutes but please allow for extra chat time too.