About Me

DONNA MONAGHAN THERAPIST MAKEUP ARTIST KIMOCHIGAI FIFEKimochigai was created by me, Donna, I am the main point of contact for Kimochigai, nice to meet you.

Getting advice and therapies from another person is such a personal thing to do when connecting with people and I believe that it is always good to put a face and some information to the name.

Since my early 20’s, I have always had an interest in well being and spent my early 20’s travelling the world, experiencing new cultures and meeting lots of interesting people. In 2006, I started to take a more formalised approach if you like in terms of my personal development and started doing evening classes, one evening class in particular I took was in Indian Head Massage and it literally changed my life. I absolutely loved it and the more the course progressed the more I wanted to find out more. I find the human body so fascinating and benefits of touch therapies like massage just blew my mind. My background at that time was at management level in Financial Services. I worked in a large corporate bank and I was a Manager.  At that time, I started to experience workplace stress and all the symptoms that go along with that. Stress started to impact my life so I wanted to understand what was happening in my body and find positive coping strategies to lead an effective life. In 2008, I decided to take a leap and study full-time and became a ‘mature student’ at College in Glasgow.

I started my diploma in Holistic Therapies which included:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Swedish Massage
  • Diploma in Health, Safety, Security & Employment Standards
  • Diploma in Providing Non-Medical Nutritional Advice
  • Accredited Qualification in Providing Advanced Massage treatment (Acupressure points & Neuro Muscular Techniques)
  • Accredited Qualification in Providing Holistic Facial Massage

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was blessed to have been taught by some of the best therapists and tutors in the business. From there I wanted to understand what it meant to be truly holistic. Holistic means to look at a person/something as a whole and for me I knew how to provide a treatment for the physical aspect of a person but I wanted to take that a stage further and learn about and be able to provide advice/support on the emotional and mental aspects of well being. That led me to complete a Diploma in Stress Management again a college in Glasgow.  The course was amazing from both a personal perspective and from being a therapist now having skills in my ‘toolbox’ to be in a position to help others.

Due to life circumstances, I wasn’t able to pursue my dream of setting up a business and life took me back to Financial Services at a new company.  Armed with all my new life skills and knowledge I managed a wonderful team and had a fantastic 2 years before moving into a standalone role as an Business Analyst which again I loved. Throughout this period I ‘kept my hand in’ by going to holistic retreats and development weekends for my therapies etc.  I have always been committed to my ongoing personal development and seen the courses as an investment in me. I spent years learning Reiki at Lendrick Lodge and going on weekend courses that I am now a fully qualified Reiki Practitioner. Volunteering is something that is important to me and over the years I gave up my weekends to volunteer using my therapies on a number of events. I also provided Stress Management advice to friends, colleagues and family throughout this period.

Life took another wonderful twist and I became a mum for the first time.  After my maternity leave I returned to work, however, was commuting up to 4 hours per day and before long it wasn’t sustainable and in addition to this I had major childcare implications to consider too. It was a big ‘What am I going to do with my life’ moment and from there Kimochigai was born. For me I wanted to use my skills and passion for the greater good and to help as many people as I can at many different levels.  Helping folk to #feelgood is at the core of my business.

Having worked in a corporate environment, I fully understand workplace stress therefore can offer sensible practical advice and positive coping strategies.

As a parent I totally get that is so very important to take that ‘me time’ out and that’s why I created the relaxation workshops. Personally I am more committed to learning and doing if I am in a group plus its always great to meet like minded people. I know as a parent if you get time to get ready or dry your hair properly in the morning or go to the loo and have no interruptions then it will be a good day. Coming along to a Relaxation Workshop you will learn life skills that you will know for life for example if you have a sore head one of my clients’ used the alternate nostril breathing technique and it helped to ease her tension headache. I see the Relaxation Workshop as my ‘me time’ and committing that hour to me even if you get so relaxed you nod off to sleep which can happen! then don’t see that as a negative as you must’ve needed that few minutes shut eye. I provide worksheets anyway that you can use at home. Podcasts and relaxation cds will follow in the coming year!

As a busy working Mum, I fully understand time pressure and with that in mind I am very flexible in regards to appointment times. Out of hours and weekend appointments are offered. Kimochigai is a mobile service and I can easily go to your home, workplace or venue at a time convenient to you.

Upon contact with me, you will find a friendly, warm, experienced therapist who wants to help you feel like the best version of YOU through the services I have trained in and gained experience of over the years.

Best wishes